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About Us

About Us

Warthog Archery Targets is an industry leader in supplying affordable, high quality foam archery targets to all experience and skill levels. Our goal is to make the experience of practice and competitive shooting rewarding and enjoyable for everyone.

Warthog Archery Targets are made in a clean, state of the art manufacturing facility using virgin materials that meet all industry safety standards. Each target goes through rigorous inspection during the manufacturing process thereby ensuring consistent performance, durability and value. No content of unknown origin, such as contaminated or insect-infested materials, are ever used in the construction of our foam archery targets.

Since we specialize in foam archery targets, you can have the utmost confidence in our products meeting all of your expectations. Warthog Archery Targets have been made in Canada for over 25 years.


Made Specifically for You!

Archery is a passion and we understand how hard you work to improve your craft. That is why at Warthog Archery Targets we work just as hard to provide you an archery target that is as versatile and strong as you are. We want to make your experience the most enjoyable it can be. Warthog Archery Targets are designed for every level of this amazing sport.


Our Guarantee

Through product and process innovation, Warthog guarantees its customers affordable, high quality foam archery targets which have unmatched consistent performance and durability.